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A Bit About Me

Hi there, my name is Angie :-)

I'm happy you came accross my website.I hope you get to know me better after you read this section.

Humans are meant to move. Dancing and flowing were a big part in my life when I was growing up and so I always knew that I wanted to become a Dance Teacher one day. My fierce love of connecting with people and sharing my true passion is the reason why I flow. In all honesty,I cannot imagine my life without flowing! Movement is so much more than just the physical strength, it's in emotions, learning and relationships. The body is intimately involved in all our thought processes, understanding, and decision making.

With a strong foundation in various dance genres (ballet,contemp,jazz,ballroom,tap), acro, flexibility, yoga, pilates, barre, pole sport and dance I am available for both group and private classes . It would be my pleasure to see you grow as you get to discover the best version of yourself. Always remember that it's never to late to start something. Choose the genre.

Now, let's flow!



Dance Teacher/Fitness Trainer

200RYT - ABT Barre - Alixa Flexibility M2 - Acrobatic Arts


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